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How does it work? Check out our soft close system

Deto toilet seats are easy to assemble, the robust hinges are adjustable for a perfect fit. They come with a anti-bacterial coating and comfortable seating. With the soft close system on our robust hinges you can be sure that no-one is disturbed by any late-night bathroom trips


Over Deto Seats
Deto Seats (Decorative Toilet Seats) is a webshop with a wide variety of funky and colourful toilet seats. The designs are unique in the UK. At Deto Seats you buy quality toilet seats at an affordable price. With a total of at least 50 different designs, we offer the most soft close toilet seats in the UK with a funky look. Not only will a toilet seat of Deto Seats be a cool and stylish addition to your loo, it also comes with a soft close and quick-release system for a gently close and easy cleaning.
For the children Deto Seats comes with a Family Toilet Seat. A very clever concept and design that combines a standard adult toilet seat with a child-size toilet seat, making it easy for children to use.

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